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The one question I get all the time is how I travel all over the World as it must be so expensive. But it does not have to. In fact, it can be relatively cheap when it's all said and done.  So I decided to provide updates here with advice and continued info on how to beat the system. 


~For example~


There are certain days and dates airlines set premiums on and the same goes for the deeply discounted rates.  For instance, if Europe is on your wish list consider these 2 dates. 


~ May 14th - Pay 20-30% less by departing on 5/14 instead of 5-15

~ Aug 23rd - Pay almost 40% less by departing that day vs on the 22nd. 


Both of these dates are on the cusp of seasonal price changes. Higher, near peak summer prices, kick in on May 15th, and Aug 23rd marks the beginning of the cheaper fall season pricing.  


These dates are also pretty accurate for roughly the same savings for Asia as well. 


The general rule is to begin shopping 90 days before the trip and book or complete purchase by 30 days before a trip


Best days to fly are Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.


A good resource for cheap flights to favorite locations is for one. I use it all the time. Just set your origin airport and pick a few places you want to go and they will send you both advertised and unadvertised weekly cheapest fares to those locals

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