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The US has been under an incredible amount of scrutiny across the World. 


Now more than ever we hear it, feel it within our own borders, especially over the past decade. I have been fortunate to have traveled all over this World and plan on continuing this exploration of what's out there and what it means to me.


But of all the amazing places I have seen, this still is the best country on Earth. Every now and then, a road trip is the perfect way to really see and feel its raw beauty. Gas isn't cheap, but I really believe to pack up the car and drive to a place that revives the soul and rekindles the love for what we have is a perfect way to stay sane and more importantly feel alive in an otherwise insanely busy life we all live to stay afloat.


This gallery will be an ongoing collage of images, thoughts, and ideas that I welcome anyone to join in on and add their 2 cents. It may be idyllic to some, and even boring to others, but I know there are those out there like me who really love what we have here and don't ever want to let it go. The open road reminds us of what it's like to be truly free and hopefully helps us understands it's importance in our hearts and minds. It also goes without saying that all the images (if they inspire you or just make you feel good) are all capable of being reproduced very large and to the highest quality standards needed for any wall.


Please enjoy, and I am always looking for the next great place in this great country to make me feel like I am really home..

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