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                There's always motivation, but when I can                  find the time, I love to shelf the camera and create with my hands.  Sometimes it's with oil paints, acrlics, watercolors and my latest fad, scratchboard. For those who dont know what that is, see the attached YouTube Demo below to show how an image gets built. I photographed stages of 2 earlier works to show the progressions. While it's still and most likely will be a work in progress as there is so much to learn, I think one day the end results will be well worth the self inflicted torture of creating a single line in the midst of thousands of others to create an image that works. 

I will add new pieces as they come available.


Desert Colors

To play the video of the scrtachboards, press play and turn off the background music to this page..Also feel free ro Click directly on any image you want to see larger and freeze it

Disclaimer: Although I keep these pages open for all ages, I highly suggest any parents review the art page first and use your own judgenment before allowing minors to view the art in particular relating to the human form. Unlike just about everything else in this country, I leave these pages open for your descresion, to review, interprete and hopefully be viewed with an element of class and of course freedom. Enjoy!

When you buy a piece of my art, you are buying more than just a picture. You are buying the long lost days & nights of tireless experimentation, failures and boundless frustration. 

You are truly buying a piece of my soul and much of my heart. I may not pump out painting after painting like many do and can. But when I finally finish a piece and show it here and to the World, you know that each peice represents everything I have. 

So with the greatest gratitude, I thank you for even thinking of purchasing a piece of my art. There are all kinds of styles, formats and mediums. There is only one way I know how to put them together and it's all worth it when fear, doubt and failure finally gets trumped from all and the passion for life itself presents itself on a canvas, scrathcboard, or paper and on to your walls. 


Art enables us loose ourselves and find ourselves at the same time 

Redondo Beach, Ca 90278

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