What are you buying when you decide to purchase a print from me, or any independant artist?


If you even got to this page, you may have been inspired by one of the images in one of the galleries here. So for that, I thank you.  If you decide to purchase an image you should know you are purchasing more than just the image itself on a canvas or paper print. A piece of me is in every shot. There is a story to be told in each image as years of failures and successes to hone a craft led me to make available the very image that may inspire you and find its way into your heart. You are buying countless hours of experimentation and thousands of failures. You are buying everyting form frustration to pure joy.  You are buying nights of no sleep worrying about paying rent, bills and groceries. You are never buying just a thing.


I try my best to connect in some way with each subject, wether it be a small child or a 1000lbs Brown bear strolling by in a way to allow that personality some to the surface.  I never have gone out and simply photographed just to produce an image that is pleasing to see. A lot of places I go to get the images you see are at great cost in travel and equipment (that is constantly evolving and breaking down) & the overall value that far transcends the paper or canvas it is printed on. 


The canvas are double coated for forther UV protection and each one is artfully crafted to the highest standards. 

 I also shoot events, weddings, sporting events and adventure travel. My heart ond soul goes into ever image no matter if I am on a paid assignment ot just out on my own. 


 Pricing for Prints



                                                                          8 x 10          11x 14          16 x 20          18 x 24          20 x 30          24 x 36          30 x 40



.75" Standard or Gallery Wrap                     $56               $78               $118              $155             $200               $288                  $400


1.5" Gallery Wrap Canvas pricing


    (These are just a sampling of basic sizes and cost~ all canvas prints can be adjusted to fit any frame or special place in your workplace or home)



Glossy or matte prints on Kodak paper      4 x 6            5 x 7          8 x 10 (or 12)          11 x 14          12 x 18          16 x 20          20 x 30


                                                                          $2.75          $3.50               $4.75                   $7.75              $9.50              $14               $29


* Ca tax at 9.75% applicabale

Shipping is add'l, but will aways try to combine orders and find easiest and cheapest route from Los Angeles, Ca 





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