My Mission and approach to the visual Arts

Each and every shoot is purpose driven.


Each and every client is so different and their needs serve as the sole purpose of each

shoot I do. I think it’s important to get to know past surface level introductions in order to be clear on the vision you have so I can deliver it to you.


Consultations are always free and never ever a waste of time. There will always be a balance of very personal yet professional decorum. Confidentiality is paramount at all times.


Taking a beautiful image is so much more than composing correctly, using the correct setting, lenses, camera bodies etc. I always try to step back form the image and capture the larger emotion and unique details you and the surroundings offer. 

My goal is to give you more than just great, well composed images. 

I want to give you art.

Whether it be a 1000 pound Alaskan Brown Bear or a little lady bug working on a single speck of pollen,

the curve of a woman’s hips or the freedom in a child’s gaze; art gives us all a deeper look at who we are

and helps us slow down just enough to grant us the perspective that allows us to feel alive. It creates a

pause; one that will hopefully point us back on our own path.


So keep creating new footprints for your soul and those fortunate enough to be around you.

And never ever stop honoring those brief moments in time that make you feel perfection in an

otherwise imperfect World. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website I truly hope to hear form you very soon





Redondo Beach, Ca 90278

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