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There's nothing wrong with photographing either caged animals or even those in large enclosed and protected settings. But there is no comparison for striking out on your own, following tracks, doing the homework and placing yourself in a position to simply get lucky. After all the work has been done, it's really luck we all depend on as nature photographers. Call it making your own luck, educated guessses, etc, elements like good low light, weather that behaves, dynamic backdrops and of course the animals, birds, marine mammals need to show and give us something that tells a story. A story that we are compelled to tell... All Images here are of wild animals in their own envioronment, doing what they do, ...naturally.

Sunrise Sentinel
Grey beauty
Lucky Me
Straight on
Seldovia Alaskan locaL resident
Follow the leader
Take off
Katmai Sunrise
Time to move on
Cub Stretching from a long nap
Little Thinker
Yellowstone 033.jpg
Yellowstone 2 133 copy - Version 2.jpg
Katmai Coastal Brown Bear
California's State Fish
Alakskan Siesta
Peru-Amazon April 2014 7D (444 of 546)-Edit.jpg
Katmai Dawn
Winters Coming
Forest has eyes
Peru-Amazon April 2014 7D (367 of 546).jpg
Peru-Amazon 20134
Mothers Bond
Liquid Dreams
Pygmy of the Amazon

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Lucky Me

This black wolf was being pushed out of Lamar Valley in Yellowstone by a large pack. I believe that he took refuge in running towards the human (me) here and the close proximity of the road. He basically brushed right by me as he moved closer toward the direction of the road...A grey buddy of his followed suit....Was incredible...Felt completely humbled.